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  • Uncovering scalable marketing channels in uncertain times

    With today’s uncertain and ever-changing economic climate, the pressure for marketers to quickly identify and scale channels that drive revenue is greater than ever before. Implementing a multi-touch attribution model allows marketing teams to uncover the campaigns that are...

    • Personalized marketing trends of 2020

      For most marketers, the plans you drafted at the beginning of the year have been mostly thrown out the window. But the best marketers are still testing, iterating, and adapting to build strong campaigns that drive business—even in these...

      • Building a culture of experimentation to drive organic growth

        In today’s rapidly changing market one thing is clear – customer-first companies are adopting new strategies to predict customer behavior and maintain a high-growth trajectory.Join Segment co-founder and CTO, Calvin French-Owen, for an AMA on predicting your users’ next...

        • Taking a privacy-first approach to customer data collection

          We believe data privacy is a right. The digital landscape is in constant flux, but one thing holds true—consumer privacy is a priority. Segment is committed to enabling our customers to maintain compliant data collection and respect their customers’ right...

          • Live series: How to ensure your CDP project is a success

            You’ve decided a CDP is right for your business. You’ve gathered your requirements and chosen the vendor that best meets your needs. But choosing a CDP is just the beginning – how do you make sure your CDP implementation a...

            • Company keynote: The future of personalized experiences

              Digital experiences are now mission-critical for every business. From predicting a customer’s next step to recommending their next purchase, companies around the world are racing to create compelling experiences that can grow and retain loyal customers with mostly (or...